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GoMeight App

Dispatch automated orders to your Drivers using a truck-ready navigation system.

Ensure 100% Driver compliance by pre-setting routes and uploading documentation that is readable.

Why would Drivers be compliant, you ask?

Our app is gamified to reward drivers for task completion and so that they can measure tangible progress. Give them ownership and watch them flourish.

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Industry leading native Android App designed for a fast-paced working environment

The days of unresponsive Mobile Apps are over. GoMeight App works seamlessly for Android phones and requires no internet to navigate, saving costs on your communications package.

No hardware needed, your contractors get full access to the same App.

Want to modify your Driver plans after sending them? No problem.
Dispatch orders directly to the GoMeight App, without needing to call or send SMS for supporting information. Dispatch also comes with pre-set routes and freight documentation. 
Truck-ready navigation helps avoid unmanageable roads and bridges. Set resting spots and authorised fuel stations in advance. Drivers will also be notified if they go through non-authorized routes.
Dispatch your orders with appended Freight documentation. Make your Drivers scan documents using our phone, and control receipts, signed delivery notes and all other documentation required.
Invoice your clients days or weeks in advance by empowering your drivers to sign documentation digitally, on the spot. Lag and paperwork is a thing of the past.
“I love paying excessive money on tolls and fuel” - said no one, ever.

Driving Behaviour

Meight Platform learns from your routes and driving patterns, and uses this data to anticipate mistakes, challenging the drivers to improve their behavior in sections of the road where our impact will be the greatest. 
Drivers LOVE the challenge
Reduced stress while driving 
Happier drivers + reduced fuel expenditure = WIN / WIN
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Rui Vidal
Managing Director, Grupo Vidal
“We didn’t need a team to migrate from old systems to this new one. Meight API ready integration made it so much easier, in 2 weeks systems were up and ready, without disrupting our operations”
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Diogo Soares
Commercial Director, David Neto Group
"With Meight we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time, which is supporting our customers and finding new opportunities. It's made us way more profitable."
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Paulo Gaspar
Board Member, Lusiaves
“Meight meets this strategic option of ours, with an innovative concept and technology that can be applied to an important sector of our operations. The application developed provides good assistance to drivers, is user-friendly and allows for a uniform performance assessment.”
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