World-class freight management deserves world-class data
Meight Platform
Meight connects your data sources, analyses your telemetry to predict fuel costs, detects non-compliant driving times and reduces your total cost of transport.
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Initial setup is free and takes weeks, not months.
100% cloud. 100% secure.
Cloud based software that improves constantly, autonomously and automatically. As regards product development and innovation, Meight plays in a completely different league compared to traditional TMS.

“On a daily basis, freight teams interact in processes such as invoicing, processing driver salaries, planning and management control. It is only possible to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, as well as the security and reliability of data, if all stakeholders use the same platform, the Meight Platform.”

JBarroso, Management
Born out of a passion for motorsports
Industry leading patents
Yesterday, Freight managers had to rely on intuition and experience to make decisions.
Today, our patented AI technology simulates millions of trucks running across Europe to help you predict, manage and analyse every journey.
Tomorrow belongs to us. Drive with our high performance team to the future of transport. 

“The road to victory is long. Winning requires constant innovation to stay ahead of the curve, on and off the racetrack, We are committed to working hard with our world-class team of engineers and clients to build new applications that will ensure Meight will always be your trusted co-pilot.”

António Reis, CTO
Built-in intelligence, paving the future of Freight Management
Actionable data to help you select optimal routes based on tonnage carried and truck engines.
Automatically match upcoming cargos with available Drivers and Trucks in any location, with no need for phone calls. Unify your tachograph data to detect available Drivers for new services.
Rui Vidal
Managing Director, Grupo Vidal
“We didn’t need a team to migrate from old systems to this new one. Meight API ready integration made it so much easier, in 2 weeks systems were up and ready, without disrupting our operations”
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Diogo Soares
Commercial Director, David Neto Group
"With Meight we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time, which is supporting our customers and finding new opportunities. It's made us way more profitable."
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Paulo Gaspar
Board Member, Lusiaves
“Meight meets this strategic option of ours, with an innovative concept and technology that can be applied to an important sector of our operations. The application developed provides good assistance to drivers, is user-friendly and allows for a uniform performance assessment.”
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