Dominate your entire freight operation
Gain a complete, real-time perspective of every operation, from pickup to delivery, from a single dashboard.
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It’s faster than fast
Get notified with upcoming issues on the road, such as delays, re-routes or unplanned stops in less than 2 seconds, and take freight management to the next level.
Colour coded freights for easy interpretation of your operation’s health.
Monitor your entire fleet from a single platform
Monitor your own fleet and your contractors as a single fleet.
The days of looking back and forth between tracking platforms and TMS are over.
Ready for Mixed fleet
Connect your OEM telemetry with Meight. No need to add external telematics blackboxes, that costs money, if your trucks already have built-in manufacturers telemetry.
Share freight delays before they even materialise
Fast response to your daily hiccups and road blockages
Respond instantly to contingencies in the monitoring dashboard and new dispatching orders will be updated directly for each corresponding Driver.
Dispatch new Freights to Drivers, edit the ones already dispatched adding new pickups and stopovers.
Tracking with intelligence
Live trailer handovers, second driver switches, deliveries and
scanned documents… Our intelligent tracking system helps you stay
on top of every event and every incident,
however small it is.
Help you PLAN and PREDICT events, bringing contingencies down
to bare minimum.
Digitising your legal burden
The Meight platform is synchronised with your telemetry and remote tachograph, making compliance robotically simple.
Manage your Driver’s legal times
Avoid hefty fines with detailed information on driving times and routing. Ensure your Drivers are in full compliance with resting times and planned resting stops.
Take planning to another level
Connecting with the tachographs enables high-precision, fully law-compliant planning.
Rui Vidal
Managing Director, Grupo Vidal
“We didn’t need a team to migrate from old systems to this new one. Meight API ready integration made it so much easier, in 2 weeks systems were up and ready, without disrupting our operations”
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Diogo Soares
Commercial Director, David Neto Group
"With Meight we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time, which is supporting our customers and finding new opportunities. It's made us way more profitable."
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Paulo Gaspar
Board Member, Lusiaves
“Meight meets this strategic option of ours, with an innovative concept and technology that can be applied to an important sector of our operations. The application developed provides good assistance to drivers, is user-friendly and allows for a uniform performance assessment.”
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