From Racetrack to Road
This is the story of how and WHY we decided to move from motorsports to revolutionise the road freight industry
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Supply chains enable our global economy
Yet, excessive running costs are killing transport
Fuel Management
Non-optimized loads and routes
Unplanned idle time
Regulatory constraints
The common thread is the lack of real-time information and the opacity of globally dispersed operations.
Learning from Transport
“Transport is complex, mysterious and beautiful, and we’re obsessed about unveiling its hidden secrets; using data, motorsport engineering and technology.”
CEO Luis Mendes and CTO Antonio Reis
Industry leading technology
Meight was born out of a passion for Motorsports, a world where attention to the smallest details can make the difference between legacy and obscurity. Accustomed to nano-seconds and Petabytes, we decided to take this obsession for high-precision data from the racetrack to the long-haul world of road transport, where efficiency is at the heart of the competition.
We envision a Future where every journey has a positive impact on the world - Learning about movement to help drivers, businesses and citizens do more with less, by leveraging the power of smart data.
Our mission is to create the data-powered Road Freight platform for the next generation of carriers.
The challenge is not “if”, but rather “when” you will go digital
Everyone in the industry knows they need to invest in technology and digitalize their operations if they want to remain competitive in the future.  We understand it's hard to focus on the future when your day to day business requires your full attention, and all you can worry about is putting out fires and keeping the lights on. But competition never sleeps.
After 3 years of nightmares, the transport industry is ready to grow. Companies are investing in new fleets to meet ever growing demand.
So, when we ask our clients where they see their business next year, or in the next 5 years, everyone admits they will have to digitise to survive and thrive.
The question we ask them then is:
Will you do it now, or when it's too late?
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