The best kept secret of high-performing freight managers
A fast, easy to use solution to plan your cargo… Replacing Excel once and for all.
Plan any cargo in less than 60 seconds
Aggregate new customer orders under a single interface. Identify fully-planned and idle days with ease using our colour coded scheme.
Planner suggests the best Driver and Truck for each new freight.
Takes into account your historical preferences, Driver availability and distance to pick-up.
Recurring services? No need to add them twice, select the recurrence and frequency of your services.
Planner tools are so powerful that you will start booking weeks in advance.
Take your backoffice digital
Meight platform unifies data that is otherwise scattered or missing
Keep your operations nimble by automating low-value added tasks and by drastically reducing administrative work-load, with corresponding savings on staff.

Spot available Drivers to plan upcoming orders in seconds

Traditionally, Telematics and TMS have not been connected, meaning Freight managers have to call Drivers one by one to know their real availability. Meight Platform allows freight managers to check available Drivers based on holidays, sick leaves, their scheduled work plan and tacograph legal driving times.

The lighting speed in which we can retrieve Driver availability is a game changer for us and, surely, for the industry.” - Rui Vidal, Grupo Vidal
Planning made simple
Are you sharing routes in print form or via SMS? Are you playing catch up to notify your Drivers manually? If the answer is yes, read on...
Fleet managers spend thousands of hours on the phone every day to communicate routes to drivers. This is a massive waste of time. Pre-define the routes you want based on predicted fuel, tolls and driving time, and watch our intelligent systems work their magic in a matter of seconds.
Manage your own fleet + your contractors too
Simply add your contractors to the Meight platform and they will receive an instant SMS to install GoMeight App with self-onboarding.
Forget jumping between platforms or calling external Drivers to request position and ETAs.
“Meight supports both the improvement of operational efficiency and the reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions and the most valid is the App that supports the entire process, namely in the visibility of the performance of drivers and even through rankings”
Cristiano Sampaio, CX Manager, MAERSK
Rui Vidal
Managing Director, Grupo Vidal
“We didn’t need a team to migrate from old systems to this new one. Meight API ready integration made it so much easier, in 2 weeks systems were up and ready, without disrupting our operations”
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Diogo Soares
Commercial Director, David Neto Group
"With Meight we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time, which is supporting our customers and finding new opportunities. It's made us way more profitable."
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Paulo Gaspar
Board Member, Lusiaves
“Meight meets this strategic option of ours, with an innovative concept and technology that can be applied to an important sector of our operations. The application developed provides good assistance to drivers, is user-friendly and allows for a uniform performance assessment.”
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