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Track and communicate with drivers using one app without any need for hardware installations.
All features
Covers up to 500,000 kilometres.
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Track and communicate with drivers using one app without any need for hardware installations.
All features
Covers up to 2 million kilometres.
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Meight Platform is the new data-platform built for leading Freight Management teams, designed with high security standards and certifications.
All features
Covers over 2 million kilometres
SOC sec ready
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All features. All plans.
Meight Platform
GoMeight App
Free integrations
Highly-secured cloud service
Unlimited Drivers, users and trucks
Rui Vidal
Managing Director, Grupo Vidal
“We didn’t need a team to migrate from old systems to this new one. Meight API ready integration made it so much easier, in 2 weeks systems were up and ready, without disrupting our operations”
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Diogo Soares
Commercial Director, David Neto Group
"With Meight we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time, which is supporting our customers and finding new opportunities. It's made us way more profitable."
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Paulo Gaspar
Board Member, Lusiaves
“Meight meets this strategic option of ours, with an innovative concept and technology that can be applied to an important sector of our operations. The application developed provides good assistance to drivers, is user-friendly and allows for a uniform performance assessment.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change segments after starting?

Yes, you can either upgrade or downgrade at any time. Our Customer Success team will also monitor and suggest the best option to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Which segment is right for me?

We have three segments: Starter, Growth and Enterprise, to accommodate pricing to the size of your operation. The size of your operation is measured in terms of kilometers navigated using the Meight platform, meaning you only pay for what you use.

How much does it cost to implement?

Implementation is free of charge. Our Implementation team will make sure onboarding is fast and seamless. Forget tech nightmares.

How long does it take to implement?

Initial set-up takes weeks, as opposed to months in other platforms. All plans include a dedicated Implementation specialist and Customer Success Manager.

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