6 New Features That Will Make Your Business Lift-Off

Évora, 13th of April, 2023 — We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of Meight Platform for Road Freight, designed to help you streamline your road freight operations and take your business to new heights. We’ve incorporated new features and enhanced existing ones to improve your experience and make managing your operations more efficient than ever before. Here are the key highlights of our product release:

  • Powerful Freight Search. With the updated Freight and Tour search, you can quickly navigate through any of your historical data and see analytics for a specific customer, vehicle, trailer, or market in any period of time! This will save you valuable time and give you very useful insights for you to plan your commercial strategy.
  • Effortless Forwarding. Now allowing you to forward freights to your subcontractors, with just one click, just like you would plan your own fleet. Quickly understand how many freights are being forwarded and also how many come forwarded to you! On top, exporting all purchase orders as CSV files eliminates the need for manual data transfer, saving your team valuable time and reducing errors.
  • New Tasks Available — Drop & Hook. Are drop and hooks a commonplace in your operation? We got you covered. Now your teams can seamlessly add tasks to your drivers to go drop and hook trailers at any location. Plus, you can monitor in Meight Platform how each task is going and act immediately when something goes south! You’ll have more control while your freight teams will be operating on a higher performance.
  • Wide View of Your Operations. Our new dashboard helps you monitor progress and track KPIs, such as total kilometers, revenue per kilometer, and empty running, making it easier to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.
  • Blasting Speed in Day-to-Day. Meight Platform is designed to be lightning-fast, with 95% of all actions getting an answer in under 500 milliseconds. This means you can complete tasks quickly and efficiently, leading to improved performance and better outcomes for your business.
  • Compliant Invoicing from Day 1. New invoice functionalities will help you move from pen and paper to automatic invoicing in less than 24 hours. You’ll be able to invoice from day 1, totally compliant with tax authorities, while reducing hours of strenuous labor processing each invoice individually.

In summary, digitizing your operations with Meight will save you time and resources on back-office tasks, streamline operations, improve efficiency, and most importantly your team will have the tools needed towards higher profitability. With clear KPIs for each team member, it becomes easier to measure performance and provide actionable feedback.

Act now, take advantage of the latest version of Meight Platform and stop working blindfolded. Don’t wait — upgrade to our new and improved system today and get back in full control of your business.

“What strikes the most about this major update to the Meight Platform, is that starting tomorrow our customers will have access to these functionalities, without having to install anything or pay anything more. This is our product philosophy”

— António Reis, Meight CTO

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