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Meight platform is getting better overnight. In the past 15 days we have released over 20 improvements to our customers, and those were implemented instantly, which resulted in less time spent managing fleets, reduced empty running and improved customer support.

Here are some of the new improvements released:

Reduce empty running with driver dispatch optimization
Road freight companies face a major challenge in empty running. Using advanced technology and data analytics, they can optimize routes and schedules, reducing empty runs and costs.

Meight platform helps Freight Managers reduce empty running by providing visibility on available drivers close to the target freight. This information is accessible for current and future days, enabling efficient route planning and minimizing empty running.

Reduce time spent liaising between freight managers and drivers
Meight reduces time-consuming tasks in daily operations, such as modifying arrival times, driver assignments, and instructions. We minimize actions and communicate changes promptly with drivers.

The GoMeight App simplifies Freight Managers’ job by eliminating constant calls for updates. It allows easy modifications to driver plans, ensuring smooth operations and efficient communication.

Multi-language support for our international Drivers
In preparation for a POC in Poland, we’ve translated our App using multi-language support. Accurate translations better serve multi-language road freight companies. In this case, welcoming new Polska translations ensures wider accessibility, enhancing reach and customer satisfaction. More languages are coming to support clients’ drivers.

In the image: In green drivers with available driving time for the job, while red represents those unavailable. Current status of each driver’s distance to the new task, thus reducing empty running.

Accelerate and automate invoicing to improve cash flow
Several billing sequences enable faster invoicing, increasing cash flow and reducing payment times. Automatic billing offers batch invoicing options, improving efficiency and reducing the time and effort spent on administrative tasks. This results in less time managing invoices, shorter payment cycles, and increased available funds.

By utilizing Meight platform, back-office time for issuing and controlling invoices can be reduced by 80%. This frees up human resources to take on new responsibilities.

Testing hypotheses with drafts of your operations
“Draft Tours” is a valuable tool for carriers, allowing freight managers to create study versions of routes, optimize schedules, and ensure efficient deliveries. This feature reduces empty transportation and enables comprehensive pre-planning of operations, facilitating review and approval before communicating shipments to drivers.

New online support line available 7 days a week.
Quick access to customer support is crucial for carriers using Meight Platform. Our chat tool enables easy and rapid communication with our support team, resolving any issues or concerns instantly. No need for emails or meetings, as our response time is under 30 minutes.

“The speed of processing and almost automatic information provided is a strong point of Meight that caught our attention. We didn’t need a team to migrate from our old systems to this new one. Meight’s APIs made everything easier, and within 2 weeks, the systems were ready and operational without interrupting our operations.”

— Rui Vidal, Grupo Vidal General Manager

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