From Chaos to Clarity: Transform Your Operations with Meight’s Intuitive Data Platform

We’ve just put out there the ability for you to segment your operation in every way you see fit. Want to have a view with unplanned orders? You got it. Want to keep an eye on low valued orders? No problem. Want to measure empty running or revenue per kilometer from Portugal to Germany? Easy peasy.

Control your Data with Smart Views

We’re just warming up. Now you are able to have your team segmented the way you want, focusing on the right problem at the right time. No more forgotten orders to be invoiced, nor trailers stopped waiting for someone to remember getting them. This set of features will make your freight managers 2x more proactive, with direct impact on profitability. Everyone will now have full visibility on all your operation data with clear hints on what’s next.

Delight your Customers with a Dashboard

You asked, we delivered, no extra costs. Want to keep your top notch customers in the loop regarding orders and tracking updates? We’ve just released an amazing interface, cloud native as well, where your customers can follow up on each order while keeping a history of all your shared orders. Delighting your customers costs you nothing and increases your differentiation from other carriers, something you certainly appreciate for those core customers!

Finally Enjoy Using a TMS

Technology transition can be truly painful, except if moving to Meight Platform. We’ve improved the whole platform to give you more space to see data, to better organize your smart views and find every last piece of data you might be looking for, and complete dispatching in record time. Login and see for yourself.

It’s exciting times! Now our customers have a data platform, fully online, where all from order to cash happens so much faster than any alternative, while it takes days to implement, not months or years.

Our work starts today, bringing more technology and AI to your daily routine.

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