Integrate Meight with other Technologies

Évora, 17th of November, 2022 — Meight’s Platform is developed on top of a modern infrastructure, in the Cloud, making it possible to access it by any computer program that has access to the internet. Past problems like accessing VPNs or local servers are outdated.

Meight uses APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to expose its information and has already developed the code that allows implementation teams to make these integrations in a few hours. We can say that APIs are an evolution of the well-known EDIs, widely used in the 90s and 00s, as they allow for greater complexity and hierarchy of data.

Through APIs, it’s possible to consult and introduce all the information of Meight‘s Platform, without restrictions, namely: load orders, drivers, vehicles, arrival times, etc…

This easy access to information was a prerequisite for building Meight’s Platform for two reasons:

  • Avoid the entry of duplicate data by fleet managers and drivers
  • Enable process automation across multiple service providers

Try Meight’s platform. Integrable with:


  • Cartrack
  • Frotcom
  • Gonav
  • Rio
  • Trackit
  • Trimble
  • Verizon


  • Andsoft
  • Artsoft
  • Atrans
  • Btransport
  • Logidados
  • Navitrans
  • SAP
  • Toptrans
  • Vanguarda

“As customers of the bTransport platform, the possibility of having Meight’s service integrated with our platform has made the work of managing drivers much easier. Now the service planning is sent in real-time to the drivers, we can have a more profitable operation and with full control of delivery times, in real-time.”

— Paulo Alves, Director of Alves Barroco

Meight’s mission is to optimize transport costs and bring driver management compliance. Come talk to us to find out how we can help you digitize your transport company.

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